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And then are you confident in terms of efficacy that you could attain with this increase in dosing. Taigi tai programos būsena. Ogledate si lahko: slovenske smernice, ki so bile izdelane na področju kontracepcije predvideno pot onkoloških bolnic za shranjevanje genetskega materiala. Turi greitą ir ryškų nuskausminamąjį bei priešuždegiminį poveikį - malšina skausmą. Katherine Xu - William Blair - analitikas Taip, geras rytas. Two questions on Jakafi lifecycle.

Kitas jūsų klausimas yra sustaines iš rankų sergantys ryte Matthew Harrison iš Morgan Stanley. Prašome tęsti savo klausimą. Matthew Harrison - Morgan Stanley - analitikas Puikus.

Dėkojame, kad atsakėte į mano klausimus. Manau, ar galėtumėte trumpai pakomentuoti atsargų išieškojimą, ar tikitės, kad per ateinančius ketvirčius ji bus pakeista, jei būtų buvęs konkretus šio ketvirčio vairuotojas. O gal, antra, ar galėtumėte tiesiog pakomentuoti, kokie yra pagrindiniai klausimai, su kuriais kalbate su FDA apie 3 atopinio dermatito su ruxolitinibo kremu? Taigi imsiu pirmąją dalį.

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Ne, mes manome, kad tai yra vienkartinis. Na, atsargos keičiasi periodiškai. Kartais per ketvirtį matėme, kad inventorius viršija įprastą mūsų sukurtą intervalą. Kartais tai yra žemiau normalaus diapazono, tai yra, ką mes sakome, yra 2, 5 savaitės iki 3 savaičių inventoriaus kanale. Ir net jei jūs perkeliate kelias dienas, vienu ar kitu būdu, tai yra apie 12 milijonų JAV dolerių.

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Kas yra šio inventoriaus vairuotojas? Gerai, rugsėjo mėn. Pradžioje padidėjome 3 proc. And historically we've seen after we take a price increase that inventory does go down, but generally it's gradually over time. This was very quick and a little bit more dramatic that we saw some de-stocking. To be honest, even in October, that's already reversed itself. We're on budget for October, we're on budget to hit the guidance that we just gave before. So we're very confident moving forward.

EUCERIN HYALURON-FILLER + ELASTISITY dieninis kremas brandžiai odai SPF 30, 50 ml

And I'll hand it over to Steven for the second part. Dėkojame už jūsų klausimą. The type of things we're discussing given the proof of concept work we've conducted and presented already are the dosing, the need to study more than one dose or not. The number of studies that are needed in this setting in dermatology conventionally, it's at least sustaines iš rankų sergantys ryte studies. The size of those studies given that the safety databases in dermatology indications tend to be 1, patients or north of that and whether or not an active comparator is needed or not in these studies.

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I think those are the four main issues. The good news is we're very close to closure on those. And we aim, as Herve said in the call, at a minimum to get these studies going in the first quarter of '19 if not sooner.

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So we're in a good place. We have the right set of proof of concept data, we have agreement on most of these issues and we should be going soon.

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Labai ačiū. Dabar jūsų linija gyvena. Two questions on Jakafi lifecycle. I guess, first off, I was wondering if you talk a little bit more about the ongoing Jakafi combo studies, perhaps put a finer point on the timing for upcoming readouts. And maybe give us a sense for your view as the overall bar there, what you need to show from a symptomatic sustaines iš rankų sergantys ryte standpoint, from intolerability to our warrant potential exploration here, not just in refractory patients, but in front line as a potential Jakafi replacement, what would be acceptable in terms of additional AEs?

Ir tada aš turiu tolesnius veiksmus.

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We -- obviously the lifecycle management of rux itself is incredibly important to us given that we have patent runway in the United States and beyond at least through So it's a large program with numerous effort. You focused your question on one of them, which is combination work.

Kas nutinka odai pritaikius tatuiruotę?

We have various combinations ongoing. Remember rux itself is such a fantastically successful drug that it's not easy to recruit these trials quickly. And most people stay on rux for very long time sustaines iš rankų sergantys ryte do really well. So the additional needs beyond in terms of regulatory endpoints aren't very clearly defined.

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We've been working with the FDA in the space because we have numerous combinations ongoing and trying to come to a very strict gydymas chondrose sąnarių of what constitutes, if you will, "ruxolitinib's failure or rux refractoriness".

And then put people appropriately on those studies to make sure, we always have apple-to-apple comparisons across our programs and others. So they're sustaines iš rankų sergantys ryte strictly defined yet, but we've been working very carefully to get those to you.

We also have ongoing programs just to mention with ruxolitinib plus our PIM inhibitor, which has really good pre-clinical data. And then a combination with JAK1 with itacitinib itself that's ongoing as well in patients who either can't tolerate doses of rux or have to come off it. And then we have a switch strategy as well.

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So it's a very large combination program across all of them with the lead clinical evidence now for which you'll see updated data at the median end of this year is the rux plus PI3-kinase delta program. And hopefully the endpoints will be more clearly defined over time.

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And then just a follow-up to that, in peties sąnario priešais skausmas terms of next-generation ruxolitinib formulations, I know, you recently published data on an earlier formulation.

You're right, we did publish some data on a sustained-release formulation of ruxolitinib and there's actually some intellectual property around that as well, which has recently been locked down. Those are important efforts for us and they really dovetail with remarks that Steven just had on the combination work.

sustaines iš rankų sergantys ryte

In some respects that is kind of the first line of the lifecycle strategy, is to try to work on more optimized pharmacokinetic profile of ruxolitinib that's beneficial in terms of patient usage, but also potentially sustaines iš rankų sergantys ryte important benefits in terms of their cytopenias or even the benefits that ruxolitinib achieves in terms of spleen volume reduction in symptomatic improvement.

So that's sort of the first leg. I think the combination studies that Steven outlined is the second leg. And just for completeness, the third leg is the continued strong interest in active research programs we have internally both fully in-house and in collaboration with academic and company partners to try to identify new targets in the space that could be approaches frankly to obsolete ruxolitinib one day.

And so, these are all three active efforts within Incyte and I think help to underscore just how significant the commitment is that we have to MPN patients. Our next question is coming from Katherine Xu from William Blair.

Katherine Xu - William Blair - analitikas Taip, geras rytas. I just have a question on pemigatinib, can you comment on the intermittent versus continuous dosing of the drug in both cholangio and in bladder.

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And then are you confident in terms of efficacy that you could attain with this increase in dosing. And then on the safety side, what would you expect with this more intensified dosing mechanism?

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And mechanistically understanding that these are FGFR2 or FGFR3 driven, mutation driven cancers, but does it make sense to find the combo partner to further increase the efficacy in these patients?

Sveiki, tai Steven. Tai geras. Taigi, kalbant apie dozę, kurią mes išskaidėme 2 fazės pabaigoje, bandėme perskaityti gydymo efektyvumo ir saugumo santykį, mes susidūrėme su 13, 5 miligramais dvi savaites, vieną savaitę nuo dozavimo režimo, kurį daugelis konkurentų tuo metu buvo taip pat, atsižvelgiant į tolerancijos profilį dėl hipofosfatemijos, GI šalutinio poveikio ir kt.